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Welcome to the MPI Heartland Chapter!

MPI Heartland is made up of meeting planners and suppliers from across Iowa and Nebraska and we are a part of the MPI Global community.

MPI Heartland brings networking and educational opportunities to our members, and non members, in order to advance the meeting profession. Almost every month there are opportunities to be involved in the chapter through events.

Meeting Professionals International, the meeting industry’s largest and most vibrant global community, is committed to delivering success for its nearly 17,000 worldwide members by providing innovative knowledge and learning experiences, connecting people and ideas, and creating rich marketplace opportunities. Founded in 1972, the Dallas-based organization delivers global human connections through its 90 chapters and clubs in 24 countries. For more information or to join, visit www.mpiweb.org


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Member Spotlight


Marnie Amdor

Hilton Omaha, Assistant Director of Sales

MPI Member since: 2010

How long have you been in the meetings / hospitality industry? I always knew I wanted to work for a hotel, but wasn’t quite sure how to get my foot in the door. While I was in college, I picked up the phone and started calling places in Omaha to see if they were hiring. My first job right after graduation was the Event Coordinator for the Joslyn Castle. After a little over year of weddings and non-profits events, I applied for a sales position at the Embassy Suites Downtown which is when I started my career in hotels. I have now been at the Hilton Omaha for 5 years.

How has MPI helped in the support and growth of your career? The education opportunities that MPI provides is invaluable to helping me grow personally and professionally. I have also built and strengthened relationships with other members through our chapter meetings and WEC.

Have you done business with any MPI members, locally or nationally? Yes. I work with many meeting planning professionals locally and nationally.

What three tips can you share with others in our industry? I think it’s really important to be adaptable, be a good listener and learn from every situation.

What is your dream vacation spot? I drive my husband crazy because my favorite vacation spot is Mexico, however, this year he is making me branch out so we are heading to California in the spring.

What do you do in your spare time? My two sons keep me very busy; Drew, 4 and Nick, 1. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.

Any hidden talents?  I played soccer my entire life so my hidden talent is I'm really good at juggling a soccer ball for a long period of time.

Fun facts about yourself?  I don’t eat chocolate which people always find surprising (I’ve never had a brownie). I broke my leg twice in the exact same spot a year apart. I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. I'm an only child. 

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